2016 Tour of China

(Sept 9- Sept 25)


Article 5: Starting Order for Prologue and Individual Time Trial (TOC II)

The start order of the prologue shall be the sixth rider of every team, then the fifth rider of every team and so on, starting with the highest number down to the lowest. Each team shall determine the order in which its riders start at registration.

The starting order of the individual time trial stage shall be the reverse order of the general time classification after stage 3 of TOC II. Nevertheless, the commissaries panel may modify that order to avoid two riders of the same team riding consecutively. The start interval between the riders is 1 minute.

Riders will not be permitted to ride time trial bikes or use clip-on bars or disc wheels. Helmets must be approved as per UCI standards.

Article 6: Daily Sign On

The daily sign on will commence at the designated point one hour before the stage, and close 15 minutes before the race start. Any rider not signing on will be disqualified. 

Article 7: Radio-Tour

Race information will be broadcast on Radio Tour in English from the Chief commissaries' car. The radio frequency will be announced at the managers' meeting. 

Article 8: Neutral Technical Support

Shimano will provide the technical support service in the form of three neutral cars and two neutral motor cycles. All servicing will be stationary and conducted on the right side of the road.

Only standard wheels will be supplied. Teams using disc brakes will need to provide their own spares.

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