2016 Tour of China

(Sept 9- Sept 25)


Article 13: Feeding

There are two ways riders may take refreshments:

1.The stationary feeding zone:

The stationary feeding zone is for accredited team staff on foot to provide refreshments to their riders from the right side of the road. This may be in the form of bidons or feed bags. Signs will clearly indicate the feeding zone.


The feeding zone will establish at the 91Km in stage 3 after the race start;

Team feeding assistants are to take the vehicle provided by the organizer to the feeding zone. The feeding vehicle will depart from the start 20 minutes before the competition.


No feeding zone in TOC II.

2.Refreshments from team cars:

Feeding from the team car is allowed from 50 km after start and until 20 km before finish. The Panel of Commissaries may adjust the regulation based on weather conditions or other special circumstances.

Feeding in the peloton is to be conducted behind the Chief Commissaires' car. In a leading group of no more than 15 riders, feeding may be conducted directly behind the group.

Article 14: Prizes

Prizes and special primes will be awarded for the 2018 Tour of China (I & II). The athlete's contribution to the End of Career Fund (CPA) of 7% and to the Cycling Anti-doping Foundation (CADF) of 2%, are calculated on the total prize money actually paid 20% personal income tax will be deducted from the remaining part by TOC committee according to the law of the People’s Republic of China. The remaining money will be paid by bank transfer to the team managers.

Article 15: Anti-doping

The UCI anti-doping regulations are entirely applicable to the event.

The list of riders to be tested will be posted at the archway at the finish line. The tests will be conducted close to the Finishing line of each stage, as indicated in the race manual. Staff identified by a red "DC" vest will direct the riders to the anti-doping control post after the race.

Article 16: Award Ceremony

In accordance with article 1.2.112 of the UCI rules, the following riders must attend the official awards ceremony:

1) The first 3 riders of each stage;

2) The leader of the Greater China classification;

3) The leader of the Mountains Classification;

4) The leader of the Points Classification;

5) The leader of the Individual General Classification.

The riders are to present themselves:

1) At the podium immediately after crossing the finish line.

2) At the press conference directly after the awards ceremony.

Moreover, at the general finish of the event, the following riders must also present themselves at the final awards ceremony:

1). The first 3 riders in the Individual General Classification;

2). The first rider in the Points General Classification;

3). The first rider in the Mountains General Classification;

4). The Best Asian Rider;

5). The Best Greater China rider;

6). The Best Team General Classification;

7). The Best Asian Team;

8). The Best Greater China Team General Classification.

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