2016 Tour of China

(Sept 9- Sept 25)


Article 17: Penalties

The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.

Article 18: Medical Service

During the race, from when the riders enter the course to the finish line, the medical service will be provided by the Organizing Committee. The doctor's car will closely follow the Chief Commissaries' car. At the same time, the ambulance will stay behind all the team cars and be ready to offer medical assistance.

Outside of the race, the team manager can ask for medical service from the Organizing Committee. They will provide free first-aid service, however if hospitalization is required the cycling team will be responsible for payment of charges. 

Article 19: Protect the Environment

All team managers, competitors and other team staff are asked to pay attention to hygiene and public health.

Trash bins will be placed at the start/finish points and team rest area. A waste zone will be set up before the final 20 kilometers of each stage where riders may dispose of their waste. To protect the environment and public safety, the riders are not allowed to throw food bags or bottles beyond the waste zone. Glasses or glassware are not allowed to be carried during the race.

Article 20: Miscellaneous

All participants are requested to respect the regulations in hotels and take care of the facilities. Any damage caused by a guest will result in compensation deducted from the team's participation allowance. 


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