2018 The Tour of China Finished Mareczko won the final champion

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The sixteen-day Tour of China 2018 is concluded in Anshun, Guizhou province on September 23, passed Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guizhou five provinces and Chongqing. The contest of 13 stages have all come to an end. witnesses the victory of Jakub Mareczko from Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia.

The last stage in Anshun is a circuit race of 127.8 kilometres with two sprints and one KOM of Category 4. In order to hold TOC successfully, the local government has planned a whole year’s activities and designed varieties of shows and carnivals. The surrounding audience made the main venue crowded and exciting.

Standing Committee, secretary of the District Committee of Anshun, Guo Weiyi, Chairman of China Sports Industry Group, Director of Tour of China Organizing Committee, Wang Weidong, Officer of Chinese Cycling Association, Minister of Competition Department of Tour of China Organizing Committee, Peng Haibo, he Olympic champion of track cycling, Ambassador for Tour of China, Zhong Tianshi, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Anshun Municipal People’s Congress, Chairman of Revolutionary Committee of China Anshun Municipal Committee, Director of Xixiu District of Anshun City, Chen Tianyi, Xixiu District Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Xu Qianan, Deputy Secretary of Xixiu District Committee, Secretary of District Political and Legal Committee, Ren Xiaosheng, Buick Brand National Communication Manager, SAIC General Motors Sales Co. Ltd. Li Yujie, General Manager of Guizhou Bailing, Assistant Chairman Niu Min shooting for the final stage.

The stage remained exciting and unpredictable due to little difference between riders’ results after the 12th stage. No rabbit group was formed even after 40 kilometres, though riders had never stopped breaking out from the peleton since race started.

As the peleton kept its pace, Luke Mudgway from H&R Block Pro Cycling Team led the rabbit group of four who worked together quite well, with the gap of 1 minute 50 seconds. The gap narrowed, however, as the peloton started to chase with 30 kilometres to go, and finally caught up with the rabbit group, with 2 kilometres away from the finish.

Although the four cyclists at the front who cooperated with each other, they were still engulfed by the peloton at last. The four cyclists maintained its advance at the final 2km, but it was a pity that the ran out of energy in the end.

Mareczko first crossed the fishing line in the group rush, ending up with the final result of 2h38m50s. Kaden Groves from Mitchelton-Bike Exchange and Andrii Kulyk from Beijing XDS-Innova Cycling Team earned second and third place respectively.

TOC II was wrapped up with great attention. In terms of the Individual Classification, the Yellow Jersey goes to Alejandro Marque from Sporting/Tavira, the Blue Jersey to Kaden Groves from Mitchelton-Bike exchange, and the Polka-dot Jersey to Christofer Jurado Lopez from Trevigiani Phonix Hemus 1896. Jiang Zhihui, also from MBE, managed to keep his White Jersey, representing the highest honor of the riders from the Greater China Area.

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