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The sixteen-day Tour of China 2018 is concluded passing by 6 cities and 13 stages before Mid-Autumn Festival. However, the impact of the game is wide and significant, which will play an important role though competitors from teams and host cities. In the future, the event will strive to build a name of “China” cycling brand event.

Race for Promoting Chinese Cyclists 

From this year, Chinese Cycling Association links all kinds of cycling events with the competitive level of Chinese athletes by China, and requests the organizers to provide more professional platforms for Chinese teams and Chinese cyclists. TOC has invited 6 local team, Hengxiang cycling team and Michelton bike exchange had brilliant performance in TOC I and II, Beijing XDS-Innova Cycling Team had bright spot as well, which showed power of China cycling.

During TOC I, Chen Runping from Hengxiang cycling team come to the second in Pingchang stage, the peleton is chasing hard Liu Jianpeng got third place at this stage, it was rare to see such performance in TOC and other races. On the previous TOC, just Wang Meiyin got the second place at Pingchang stage. Because the final of Pingchang stage is slow uphill route, which is better for climbers. Getting better place when in the peleton, Chinese cyclists were lacking in some performance.

Some of the Chinese cyclists think that they cannot compete with foreign athletes. The main reason is our cyclists’ physical energy cannot match with foreign cyclists. But the lack of get better place and hesitate to catch the opportunity of Chinese cyclists also need to pay attention. As for the control of the game and the ability to resist, training cannot reach it. Improving will come through one race after another.

It is particularly worth mentioning, the Best Greater China Rider Niu Yikui and Chen Mingrun got better place with Pro Continental Team, both of them get Individual Classification second and third. The final rink is before 6th. These are rare good performances in professional races in recent years.

There are two stages of Individual Classification in TOC. At the same time mountain, hilly, undulating and flat sections included, which provide a stage for different kind of cyclists to show their competitive strength. It is also good for Chinese cyclists to match them with foreign cyclists and find out their own spots through the races, using competing platform to take off.

Local History of Major Cultural Card Exhibition

“Beauty of China, Journey of Culture” is the slogan of current TOC, and also the goal of the Organizing Committee at the beginning of the competition——to spread the long-standing culture and civilization of the Chinese nation through a race as a carrier, and to display the achievements of the economic construction of a beauty of China.

Therefore, this year’s TOC has made great efforts in presenting the cultural journey. Around each stage of the race, the Organizing Committee has arranged a variety of carnival activities, designed 9 types of colorful franchised goods around China, such as mobile phone shells, refrigerator stickers, PIN (badge), handbags……spreading the wonderful TOC all over the world. The gallery “Beauty of China, Journey of Culture” consist of many arches. It passes through each city as an arch. From Jintang in Chengdu province to Anshun GuiZhou province, through the gate to a city with profound implications. In order to make the cycling culture take root in the city, the carnival arranged a series of activities such as mengbao cycling, slow cycling race, adult ride child’s bicycle and parent-children relay race, which attracted a large number of people to participate and the exciting atmosphere.

Every organizer who participated in the TOC took the initiative to add glory to the contest. Before every stage started, local cities will organize various amateur cycling squares to show the strength of the local cycle development. At the same time, showed all the local unique performances. As for designing of track, discussed with the organizing committee actively to come up with the most elegant and distinctive route to enhance the viewing of the event.

Qingyuan Fogang and Zhuhai Hengqian staged are named the TOC Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. They link the local development strategy with TOC and rise to the strategic level of the development of the Great Bay Area, which shows the recognition of the TOC. And for the first time as closing city Anshun, Guizhou province extended the concept of “TOC” for more than half a year. At the same time, it also developed and manufactured souvenirs such as tea, medals, fans and others to create symbol and marks of the event. 

Industrial upgrading continues to take off in the future

The president of China Cycling Assoication Shen Jinkang participated in open ceremony of TOC this year. He said that named as “China” shown the vast territory of achievements of the construction of a China, the long history of China’s civilization, and the improvement of the strength of the development of China’s cycling. He also expected that the TOC will become the top of China’s cycling event and occupy a certain position in the world in the future.

Certainly, since 2010, the nine-session TOC has not been able to compete with Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, La Vuelta ciclista a España, and other world-class races are still not comparable. But the value of TOC should strive to build and improve become a Chinese cycling brand in the future.

Chairman of China Sports Industry Group Wang Weidong said in an interview with reporters, with the relevant policy documents issued by National Governments, General Administration of Sports of China, National Development and Reform Commission and other ten ministries and commissions. Cycling is no longer a sport event, it turns to be an industry.

Cycling is one of the most influential sports with a huge number of participants. On the way of cycling, the race can not only bring intuitive appreciation to the local people, but also display the city image and promote the development of the local cycling industry. At the same time, the cycling sports industry characteristics of a long industrial chain, a wide range of involvement, a large market scale, and great potential for development. Whether it is the promotion of corporate brand, the promotion of events, or even the display of city sports image, cycling events can be presented as a good carrier.

In the future, there is still huge developing space of TOC. He looks forward the race to be upgraded comprehensively, which means not only the level of the race and the level of the participating teams, but also the overall level of the industry and the related supporting facilities of the surrounding industries. The TOC will be a demonstration of the achievements of the upgrading of the cycling industry and the development of cycling sports. In the future, we will not only focus on one-month race, but also build up the concept of “Tour of China” into a brand. As an activity throughout the year, we will build a platform for the government and enterprises to communicate and bring about the integrated development of “sports+culture+tourism” to achieve.

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