Tour of China

Tour of China(TOC) sponsored by UCI (UnionCyclisteInternationale),authorized by State General Sports Administration(China) and State General Sports cycling and fencing Adminstration,is the an advanced international racing cycling event in China, Asia and even in the world at large.Since 2010, the event has been successfully held for 6 times,covered 12 provinces including:Shanxi,Henan,Shandong,Hebei,Tianjin,Sichuan,Chongqing,Hubei,Anhui,Guizhou,Hunan,Guangdong.Affected area of 527987.2 square meters,rendered it the   larget-scale and the most influential cycling event.

TOC has established comprehensive transmission platforms,including CCTV,internationalmedia,local media,printing and online media,affecting a billion people.So far,in regard to the
length of the course,it has ranked 4th  just  after Tour de France,Tour of Spain,tour of Italy,combined with its largest extending area,it is regard as the one of highly influential cycling event and is highly thinking of by State of National Sports Adminstration.

Professional riders around the world express that Tour of China is an annually ”Can't Missriding event”. With the increasing  race distance and difficulty, TOC inspires the largest potential of riders, bringing them the fiercest competition platform. The well-designed route by the TOC Organizing Committee presents the best landscape of passing cities, showing more people the beauty of China.

2016,TOC begins from Tianjin,across Hebei,Chengde,Chongqing,Sichuan,Hubei,Hunan,Guangdong etc. The distance of routh reaches and the lengh of course reaches 1800 kilometers,the total of cycling length goes to near 6000 kilometers.With the aim to spread sports culture,propose healthy lifestyle,it becomes one of the internaional well-know cycling

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